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Artist Statement



Early on, Gideon Gerlt's creativity was strongly influenced by the vibrant natural environment of rural Alaska. His expression can be traced down two broad, yet pivotal avenues: fantastic representations that amplify emotional and psychological content and a comparison of the ways in which humans react to nature, self, and society and subsequently evolve.

Gideon's recent works explore the intersection between art, science, and technology. He splices geometric shapes and architectural design with structures found in nature to reflect on the complexity of connectedness between mankind, the environment, and their systems. Inspired by a fascination with biological systems and processes Gideon has created site-specific, interactive, multimedia installations that have emulated organic complexity through iterative patterns. His works have suggestively represented neurons, mirror cells, and DNA.


Gideon received his BFA from the University of Alaska Anchorage and MFA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has Lectured in Art at the University of Hawaii Manoa, the Honolulu Museum Art School, and was invited to be a Teaching Assistant at Haystack Mountain School of Craft. Gideon has exhibited in Alaska, Hawaii, Italy, and Maine.

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